Papara SuperMassive vs Team Liquid – Worlds 2020 S1D4P1 – Play-in


Papara SuperMassive vs Team Liquid // Semana 1 – Día 4 – Partida 1 // Worlds 2020 – Play-in


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  1. I don't want to watch it in another language support other languages on their respective portals otherwise keep it non casted pretty impossible to watch it with people speaking something you don't understand it should be casted in every major language respectively not just 1

  2. Zeitnot is not fit for this team. Imagine a world where Forg1ven was playing with them instead of this guy who hasn't put up a single decent performance so far. I don't know man, they're drafting around him a decent chunk of the time and he's just not doing well at all, why would GBM do that? Just put him on Senna, Swain, Sona/Lux, Ziggs, any of those champs that don't really need to get going to do their jobs because he's holding the team back so much.

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